Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does the tour take?

A. As different people have different interests and different levels of technical knowledge, there is no set structure and no defined “tour”. Visitors to LSSM are welcome to come in and explore, ask questions, dig into and run specific systems, etc. Some people even come to see or run a single system. Or, for a more general experience, our docents are happy to provide guidance. We'll do our best to accommodate any desired experience.

Q. Your power bills must be huge. How do you pay for all of this?

A. LSSM's operations are funded entirely by donations from the public. And yes, our power bills are substantial.

Q. Are you a nonprofit?

A. LSSM is a registered federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, incorporated under the name Museum of Applied Computer Technology.

Q. How long has LSSM been around?

A. LSSM first opened its doors to the public in October of 2015. It had been under construction since mid-2011.

Q. I'd like to ship you something. What address can I use?

A. Please do not ship anything directly to the museum's address. We receive shipments at 887 5th Avenue, New Kensington, PA 15068. Please mark them “Attention: Large Scale Systems Museum”.

Q. What is the oldest computer in the collection?

A. The oldest computer currently in our collection is a Heathkit H-1 analog computer, circa 1956.